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Energy Efficiency Plan by the Catalan Department of Culture: COAC is conducting the Protocol

© Antonio Tajuelo (Creative Commons)

The implementation of the new Energy Efficiency Plan anticipates a reduction of 15% to 20% of the annual energy consumption of the Department of Culture's real state stock.

The Energy Efficiency Plan promoted by the Catalan Government's Department of Culture through the Catalan Cultural Heritage Agency, aims to manage museums, monuments and archaeological sites in a more efficient and sustainable way, encompassing maintenance and energy efficiency in all centers. 

Escola Sert, after an agreement signed between the Department of Culture and the Architects's Association of Catalonia, will carry out the Protocol for improving the energy efficiency of buildings. This protocol is informed by all the research and analysis conducted up to date by Escola Sert within the European Project MARIE, and is based on ISO 50001, which applies energy saving measures that do not require investment and entail a reduction of environmental impact and cost of ownership, while ensuring comfort conditions and quality of life.

Implementation of the Protocol
The implementation of this Protocol, which includes training for qualified professionals and direct interventions in selected buildings, will be developed in early 2015.

Thus, a group of students, led by a skilled teacher, will perform data collection of buildings, energy efficiency diagnosis, programme of improvements and implementation budgets.

Postgraduate in Energy Management for Buildings
Currently, the protocol is being implemented in several existing buildings through Escola Sert's Postgraduate in Energy Management for Buildings, where students perform real actions on existing buildings, thus developing proposals for improvement in energy management.

For more information, visit the website of the Department of Culture and the website of Escola Sert.