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Thu, 30 March to Fri, 26 May
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Exhibition "Empty Architectures"

Exhibition "Empty...

The Sert School is the continuous training center through which the College of Architects of Catalonia offers a systematic program of training and support to the professional group, oriented to the development of knowledge, capacities, abilities and competences.
The Sert School has consolidated itself as a pole of knowledge in the sector, from which processes of continuous professional development are catalyzed, supported by two fundamental pillars: professional practice and training.
The center is strongly oriented to the training needs required by the different professional profiles and is not limited only to the transmission of knowledge, but has the vocation of consolidating itself in the generation of new knowledge, research, development and innovation in the field of architecture.
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Carrer Arcs, 1-3, 5a planta
08002 Barcelona
93 306 78 44 
Horari d'atenció: de 10 a 17 h

L'Escola Sert és centre autoritzat de formació de:

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