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A landscape for you

© Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)

In recent times of ecological reviews of our territories, of reviewing the means for proposing new landscape structures, of discipline reinvention, with more and more intensity is recognized in the contemporary landscape projects, as an essential factor, the contribution of society to the genesis of it and the intense use of the outcomes.

From the European Landscape Convention, that demanded the social nature of it and from the most innovative proposals that assume the differentiating role of the projects more involved with its users, the most contemporary landscape has provided this social aspect that is characterizing a special austerity times and is realizing the essence of structures and spaces.

In this sense, the 8th International Biennale of Landscape Barcelona intends to enhance this aspect that unites all the world's countries and would like to emphasize it as an innovative option.


In this edition, the Biennale of Landscape of Barcelona ​​is looking for an international dimension in both call Rosa Barba Prize on recent projects, and in the scope of contemporary research objectives and debate.

"A landscape for you" adjusts the focal in the social component to the new project planning and wants to deepen the participatory aspect and the appropriation by users both space, and processes and objectives.

On the "Here, there and everywhere" day, the great work done in this regard by some of the best magazines in the world of landscaping will be used, spreading trends, wills and editorial lines in a virtual and exciting magazine of magazines on contemporary international landscaping.

Exposure of lines of interest, bets for design and research advances, the disciplinary debate and proposals for the future, will be some of the elements that will rise the intellectual temperature of a session full of carefully selected and recent landscape information.

Landscapes for you, from all sides.

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