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'Espai Transmissor del Tumul de Sero' exhibited in Switzerland

© Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)
This project by Toni Gironés for the megalithic complex in Artesa de Segre, which a few days ago was distinguished with the FAD Award, is the backbone of this exhibition on the work of the Catalan architect and can be visited until 18 August at the SAM (Swiss Architecture Museum) in Basel. Entitled 'Space+Matter: Life+Place', the exhibition features a total of 15 projects completed in the last few years and demonstrates the architectural firm’s determination to use only the strictly necessary resources as solutions to its requirements, showcasing and activating different conditions in relation to the liveability of each of architectural programmes materialized. Alongside the exhibition, one of the rooms features a selection of 132 of the almost 500 drawings that the architect has produced in the last 20 years on the subject 'Cadaqués: Drawings and Memories'. On 19 July, the day before the inauguration of the exhibition, Toni Gironés gave a conference at the SAM to talk about the different contents that have underscored his professional career. The exhibition forms part of the Spatial Positions series with which the Swiss museum aims to reflect upon architecture, its social role and its relationship with spaces and people.
Organised by: Swiss Architecture Museum 
: Basel 
July 20th to August 18th