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Quaderns d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme

Cuadernos de Arquitectura was published by the Architects’ Association of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands between 1944 and 1970 and offered quality information on Catalan and international architecture as well as the theoretical movements and cultural debates of that time and the social and technological situation of the country.

From 1971 to 1980 it was published under the title Cuadernos de Arquitectura y Urbanismo and featured articles on Catalan and international architecture as well as the theoretical and cultural movements of those years.

From 1981 and through to the present day it has been published under the title Quaderns d'arquitectura i urbanisme and offers a critical viewpoint of Catalan and international architecture, reflecting on the contributions that architects make to the cultural and social realities of their milieu.


From the first issue (in 1944) through to issue number 143 (1980), it was published in Spanish. From issue 144 (in 1981) through to number 163 (in 1984), it was only published in Catalan. English was included in issue 164 (in 1985) and two different editions were published: Catalan-English and Spanish-English.

From issue 212 (in 1996), French was added with two editions: Catalan-French and Spanish-English. From issue 241 (2004), it was decided to swap the languages around in the following two editions: Catalan-English and Spanish-French.

And finally, from issue 249 (in 2006) through to the present day, just one edition is published in Catalan, Spanish and English.


To visit the blog of the Quaderns journal (issues 261-263), click here 

If you want to buy a paper copy of Quaderns (issues 261-264) : Quaderns 261Quaderns 262Quaderns 263 and Quaderns 264

If you want to buy the digital copy of Quaderns (issues 261-263), click here: Quaderns 261, Quaderns 262 and Quaderns 263


Contact:  publicacions@coac.net



Quaderns issues from 1 to 260  

Quaderns d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme 257-260Anys 2008-2010Directors: Mateu Barba and Sergi Serra
Quaderns d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme 249-256 Anys 2006-2008Directors: Mateu Barba, Pep Quetglas and Sergi Serra
Quaderns d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme 241-248Anys 2004-2005Director: Lluís Ortega
Quaderns d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme 225-240Anys 2000-2004Directors: Jorge Mestre and Ivan Bercedo
Quaderns d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme 190-224Anys 1991-1999 Director: Manuel Gausa Navarro
Quaderns d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme 144-189Anys 1981-1991Director: Josep Lluís Mateo Martinez
Cuadernos de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 138-143Any 1980Director: Agustí Pruñonosa Campamà
Cuadernos de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 126-137Anys 1977-1979Director: Juli Laviña Batallé
Cuadernos de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 121-125Any 1977Director: Oscar Tusquets Guillén
Cuadernos de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 106-120Anys 1975-1976Director: Vicenç Bonet Ferrer
Cuadernos de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 100-105Any 1974Director: Josep Antoni Dols
Cuadernos de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 95-99Any 1973Director: Xavier Sust Fatjó
Cuadernos de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 80-94Anys 1971-1973Director: Emili Donato Folch
Cuadernos de Arquitectura 71-79Anys 1969-1970Director: Josep Corredor-Matheos
Cuadernos de Arquitectura 64-70Anys 1966-1967Directors: Vicenç Bonet Ferrer and Àngel Serrano Freixas
Cuadernos de Arquitectura 31-63Anys 1958-1966Director: Assis Viladevall Marfà
Cuadernos de Arquitectura 11-30Anys 1950-1957Director: Ramon Tort Estrada
Cuadernos de Arquitectura 1-10Anys 1944-1949Directors: Cèsar Martinell and Manuel de Solà-Morales de Rosselló
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