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La Borda housing cooperative. LACOL Arquitectura Cooperativa

LACOL Arquitectura Cooperativa

La Borda housing cooperative. LACOL Arquitectura Cooperativa. © Àlvaro

On Thursday, December 1, 2022, at 7:30 p.m., we will have the opportunity to listen to the LACOL Arquitectura Cooperativa conference, where architect Ari Artigas will talk about the history of the cooperative and its most relevant projects. A face-to-face conference offered by the Tarragona Region of the College of Architects of Catalonia.
Lacol is a cooperative of architects that works from the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona. They work to generate community infrastructures for the sustainability of life, as a key tool for the ecosocial transition, through architecture, cooperativism and participation. They work with architecture for social transformation, as a tool to critically intervene in the immediate environment. Always in parallel with society, acting in a fair and supportive manner starting with a horizontal work system.
They believe that the way to transform the city is based on the active participation of the people who live there and proactive action. They work on the interests related to the quality of life of all the people who share the city. The contribution of the architect is made at the heart of the urban movement, as another part of this movement, helping to translate citizen concerns and embody them on paper, providing criteria for the definition of objectives and strategies, as well as tools to define and communicate ideas through drawing, graphic representation, etc.
They encourage debate and discussion on the uses of public spaces and the management of urban spaces, city models, participation and heritage recovery, among others.
The work built by LACOL Arquitectura Cooperativa includes, the housing cooperative La Borda (2014-2018), Comunal Espai Cooperatiu (2016-2020), housing cooperative La Balma (2017-2021), Coopolis Bcn Phase 0. (2016), reform works and other multi-family housing projects that are in process.


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