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Cellar Gratallops. Harquitectes

Harquitectes, the nature of the buildings

Cellar Gratallops. Harquitectes. © Jesús Granada

Vernacular architecture, in different cultures and in different climatic conditions, has always incorporated, sometimes very explicitly, architectural strategies to manage and organize fluid matter creating very specific atmospheres (in its broadest sense).

HARQUITECTES is a studio founded in 2000 by David Lorente, Josep Ricart, Xavier Ros and Roger Tudó. They combine their professional activity giving classes at ETSAV-UPC, ETSAB-UPC, ETH Zurich and Harvard GSD.

They have also been invited at the Porto Academy, AA School of architecture, Austin School of Architecture, Universidad Católica de Chile, ENSA Paris, Umea school of architecture, among other places.

His work has deserved national and international recognition and has been exhibited and published everywhere.

HARQUITECTES are: David Lorente, Josep Ricart, Xavier Ros, Roger Tudó, Montse Fornés, Maya Torres, Eva Millán, Anna Burgaya, Maria Azkarate, Marta Domènech, Miquel Arias, Guillem Canudas, Itziar González, Cynthia Rabanal, Guillermo de Alfonso, Mariona Dalmau, Josep Sayós, Mariona Blanch, Albert Ferraz, Cristina Vega, Toni Garcés, Meritxell Compte and João Aires Neves.


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