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El celler Clos Pachem de Gratallops

Harquitectes receives a special mention at the Architecture & Urban Planning Awards of the CSCAE for the Clos Pachem winery

© Jesús Granada

The Clos Pachem winery in Gratallops (Tarragona), the work of the architectural design studio Harquitectes, was given a special mention by the jury of the Architecture & Urban Planning Awards presented every year by the Higher Council of Architects' Associations in Spain (CSCAE).

The jury decided on this recognition in view of "the way the architects have accomplished a highly complex project embedded in a historic town centre". According to the experts, "they have managed to meticulously construct a wealth of different spaces in an excellent contextualisation of, and transition between, the interior and exterior space". In addition, they highlighted the attention given by the project to passive climate comfort for both people and the wines produced in the facility.

A sustainable urban winery
The Clos Pachem winery was created fairly recently by Swiss native Michel Grupper. Set in the town of Gratallops, the building was constructed with natural, simple and durable materials commensurate with the eco-friendly production of the estate. A large warehouse for wine fermentation is the central space of the project, with thick walls and numerous air chambers providing a totally natural cooling effect for the entire building, as well as complete hydrothermal stability.

Architecture & Urban Planning Awards 2020
The winners of the CSCAE 2020 Architecture & Urban Planning Awards were the Albeida Tourist Complex in A Coruña and the Land Planning Directives of the Basque Country. Both projects combine architectural values with sustainability and the optimisation of resources, and aspire to reach a harmonious balance between natural and urban habitats in line with the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Further information on the  CSCAE website.