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Avantguarda | [M] Masterclass | Mesura · 'communication as a tool'

Avantguarda | [M] Masterclass | Mesura · 'communication as a tool'

© Mesura
Within the cultural programming of the AVANTGUARDA cycle, we have the opportunity to listen to the architecture studio Mesura, who will offer us a masterclass on the topic of communication, with the title 'communication as a tool'. The event is presented by Anna Castellà from Arjub.

At Mesura, they explore a wide range of media, including projects, objects, resources and editorial work. The basis of his work process is a methodology rooted in a transdisciplinary way of thinking, which seeks to find points of connection within the different areas. Each project serves them as a permanent testing ground where the process is as valued as the end result. They believe that true innovation happens when different perspectives and ideas come together and intersect.

At the end of the masterclass there will be a dinner-colloquium with the speaker at the Barhaus restaurant. You can sign up by sending an email to comunicacio.tar@coac.netDinner price €22.

The AVANTGUARDA cycle is divided into four main sections: environmentalism, experimentalism, communicationism and academicism. The format of these four sections and on different days will be that of a conference [C], a debate group [G] and a master class [M] per month.



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