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Avantguarda | [C] Conference | Takk · 'Architecture and co-existence'

Avantguarda | [C] Conference | Takk · 'Architecture and co-existence'

© Architecture studio Takk
Within the cultural programming of the AVANTGUARDA cycle, we have the opportunity to listen to the architecture studio Takk, where Mireia Luzàrraga will offer us a conference on the subject of experimentalism, with the title 'Architecture and co-existence'. The event is presented by Anna Castellà d'Arjub.

Takk is an architecture and design studio based in Barcelona. Founded by Mireia Luzàrraga and Alejandro Muiño, their projects investigate how architecture can catalyze the development of more democratic lives by incorporating feminist thought, ecology and politics into spatial practices.

His work has received recognitions such as the COAM award, the 'Temps de les Arts' award and the FAD award.

His works are developed both in the public and in the private sphere. Among Takk's clients are FRAC-Centre Val de Loire, IVAM (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno), Barcelona City Council, FAD (Foment de les Arts i el Disseny), FITUR (Tourism Fair) or CA2M (Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo), and for international brands such as Vitra, Swatch, Hermès or Moncler.

At the end of the conference there will be a dinner-colloquium with the speaker at the Barhaus restaurant. You can sign up by sending an email to comunicacio.tar@coac.netDinner price €22.

The AVANTGUARDA cycle is divided into four main sections: environmentalism, experimentalism, communicationism and academicism. The format of these four sections and on different days will be that of a conference [C], a debate group [G] and a master class [M] per month.



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