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Avantguarda | [C] Conference | Arqbag · 'Subject / Matter / Air'

Avantguarda | [C] Conference | Arqbag · 'Subject / Matter / Air'

© Arqbag architectural cooperative
Within the cultural programming of the AVANTGUARDA cycle, we have the opportunity to listen to the architectural cooperative Arqbag, where Bernat Colomé will offer us a conference on the theme of environmentalism, with the title 'Subject / Matter / Air'. The event is presented by Anna Castellà from Arjub.

Arbag are an architecture cooperative that promotes new models of relationships between people, habitability and territory. They understand architecture as the transversal management of energy, environmental, economic and social resources. We notice and value the process and not just the result.

They apply a scientific method of work to all types of projects they develop. The purpose of this methodology is to detect indicators, collect data, generate content, parameterize and socialize the objectives, in order to propose strategies based on an objective, transversal and collective vision.

They understand sustainability from an affordable and accessible condition. They are committed to approaching, participating, sharing knowledge and empowering users, building tools for decision-making and collective learning.

At the end of the conference there will be a dinner-colloquium with the speaker at the Barhaus restaurant. You can sign up by sending an email to comunicacio.tar@coac.netDinner price €22.

The AVANTGUARDA cycle is divided into four main sections: environmentalism, experimentalism, communicationism and academicism. The format of these four sections and on different days will be that of a conference [C], a debate group [G] and a master class [M] per month.



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