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Aerial photography. Jon Tugores

The exhibition "Atmos-fear. Metropolitan Europe + abstractions" can be seen at COAC Tarragona

© Aerial photography. Jon Tugores
The COAC Tarragona hosts the exhibition "Atmos-fear. Metropolitan Europe + abstractions". Aerial photographs taken by architect and aviator Jon Tugores. Territorial readings of Europe. An exhibition that aims to provoke, through the art of photography, a reaction on urban + peri-urban areas and their relationship to the environment. This exhibition has a critical spirit, a connecting capacity with nature, urban planning, painting, design, architecture, art and poetic culture.

It can be visited from October 3 to November 4,
2022 in the Demarcation exhibition hall.

On Thursday, October 20 at 7:30 p.m., the inaugural conference will take place, in the assembly hall of COAC Tarragona.

The exhibition presents an interpretation of the territory, a narrative of our place. Understanding as 'our' place, the portion of the planet where we live, sleep, enjoy, cry, build and everything we do alone and in society. This exhibition integrates the atmosphere and its degree of energy, pollution, its transformative potential as an ingredient never to be underestimated for analysis. The atmosphere as an existential protagonist and catalyst of the planet. Let's all think together about how we are transforming our cities, towns, forests, the economy, the future... We have recently had the first analyzes made by mathematical programs, which interpret the 'Big-Data' about our ethical behavior towards the planet The data tells us that we are facing a possibly irreversible moment.

Jon Tugores [Lancashire, England. 1968] is an architect, airline pilot, university professor and photographer. Multifaceted person who hybridizes his four disciplines in reciprocal experiences. Actor in the current technological moment. Defender and promoter of hyper-technology as an environmental solution. He has lived in London, Berlin, Vienna, Dallas, Bahrain, Madrid, Mallorca, Barcelona and Terrassa where he has his architecture studio. Professor at the ETSAV, UIC, NYIT and currently at the higher school of aeronautical engineers at the UPC. +60 projects, 25 awards, 5 books, 1 documentary, 10,000 flight hours, 25,000 photographs of the planet confirm him as an atypical character in the current cultural scene. He has held several individual exhibitions in Barcelona, ​​Terrassa, and shortly plans to land in Tarragona, Berlin, Manchester and Tokyo.



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