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Arxiu Jujol donates the Barcelona projects of architect Josep Maria Jujol to the Architects’ Association

Perspective of the Torre de la Creu. Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert © Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)
This donation further consolidates the collaboration between the Jujol Archive and the Historical Archive of the COAC, which began almost 20 years ago. At that time, the architect’s heirs loaned more than 100 of the projects that Jujol had undertaken in the province of Barcelona to the COAC. The monumental fountain in Plaça Espanya, Casa Planells in Barcelona, and Can Negre and Torre de la Creu in Sant Joan Despí are just some of the most well-known examples of his work. Twenty years later, that loan has become a donation, formally endorsing the excellent relationship between the two institutions.

The last exhibition that the Architects’ Association devoted to Josep Maria Jujol was in 2015. On that occasion, as part of the ‘COAC Collections’ series of exhibitions, the mezzanine of the Plaça Nova headquarters hosted an exhibition of original documents —some of which had never been shown before— relating to various projects of the multifaceted architect, who was born in Tarragona in 1879 and died in Barcelona in 1949.