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Inaugural debate of the exhibition The Vienna Model

© The Vienna Model
On the occasion of the exhibition The Vienna Model - Housing for the Twenty-First-Century City opening, architects Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl from the Austrian architectural studio ARTEC and architect and Professor in History and Theory of Architecture Josep Maria Montaner will give an inaugural talk on Thursday 15 July at 5 pm, followed by an open debate with the speakers.

The event aims to both introduce and discuss the Vienna model, as well as to foster exchange and mutual learning (between Vienna and Barcelona) on sustainable and innovative strategies towards affordable housing in urban agglomerations.

The conference will be held in English and followed by the opening of the exhibition curated by Wolfgang Förster y William Menking, designed by MVD Austria and organised in Barcelona by Lorenzo Kárász, director of Guiding Architects Barcelona.

Registration is necessary  because the capacity of the room is limited.
COMPLETE CAPACITY. Follow the session here.

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