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New COAC correspondents in Germany, Argentina and Brazil

Annual meeting with COAC international correspondents. © Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)

For the fourth year running, the COAC had its annual meeting with international correspondents, held on 23 December at the Plaça Nova headquarters. During the event, 5 new correspondents were introduced: Lluís Casadevall (Munich, Germany), Pau Iglesias (Passo Fundo, Brazil), Carles Arribas (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Bibiana Sciortino (Córdoba, Argentina), and Lea Eidler, who is taking over as correspondent in San Francisco, USA.

The dean of the Architects' Association, Lluís Comerón, was present at the meeting and thanked the correspondents for their work acting as liaisons between architects abroad and the professional institutions and associations in each location. He presented some of the COAC’s future projects, noting that the correspondents’ experience abroad can be incredibly helpful in bringing them to term.

Recognition for the exiting correspondents
COAC's Correspondent Network, which includes 40 representatives in 30 countries around the world, is made possible through the collaborative efforts of architects who work abroad.

In that sense, on behalf of the Association, we would like to express our gratitude to the correspondents who have come back to Catalonia in recent months and who have therefore relinquished their positions as correspondents. We thank them all for the work they have done, especially providing support to Association members interested in the areas where they were living.

You can access the information provided by the correspondents here.
You can also read the articles published in the Correspondents' Magazine